What makes MeloTel the best?

Claiming to be the best is not just saying it. It’s living it. Every interaction with a client should be an experience they remember, for the right reasons. We have excellent services to offer. They always work and are very cost effective options for Canadian business owners. We support every service we sell and stand behind what we do 100%. We never misrepresent and always have our clients best interests as our priority. We are accountable for every claim and action we make.

If that’s not enough for you… here are some other great reasons for choosing MeloTel as your service provider.

  • MeloTel is a Canadian owned, operated and supplied company. We provide services exclusively to Canadian businesses and we’re proud of that.
  • Our services are hosted in one of Canada’s most secured and redundant data facilities.
  • We are real people here, who care about our customers and show that every day with every interaction.
  • Our staff are friendly, knowledgeable and truly want to help.
  • We have the best technology in our industry and provide it to our customers on a silver platter.
  • We are rated A+ at the Better Business Bureau and are yet to even receive a complaint.
  • We lead by example. Even our own systems are hosted in the cloud.
  • We treat you like a real person, not a number.
  • We have the technology and skills to provide your business with features and services which are not possible with your current provider and for less money.