MeloTel - Polycom Devices Features

MeloTel is the leading VoIP Solution for the Cloud. Easy to use and deploy, MeloTel runs on hosted world class servers and networks delivering advanced communications services at a very attractive cost of ownership.

MeloTel is more than just a Business VoIP Service Provider. We offer a wide range of amazing features and functionality impossible to find with any other carriers. We call it, MeloTel Cloud. It’s every feature and functionality you could dream of. Our architecture dramatically improves performance in any environment.

Polycom Phones Basic Features

  • Call Forwarding - When you are not at your desk, be sure not to miss important calls. The call forward feature allows you to forward calls anywhere.

  • Call Pickup - Call pick up is an interesting feature that gives you the possibility to pick up calls ringing at other extensions. A secretary can answer another employee's phone without leaving the desk.

  • Call Parking - Calls can be parked in a private lot and picked up later according to the parking lot's preferences. The call parking is very useful when you want to put multiple callers on hold and allow these callers to be picked up by someone else.

  • Call Transfer - Calls can be transferred between anywhere. When an important call arrives, the secretary can transfer it directly to the manager's mobile, and the caller will never know that he or she was transferred.

  • Record Conversations - Record important calls such as third party verification, customer support calls or abuse prevention. Call recording can be event driven (the employee presses a button) or unconditional (setup by management).

  • Voicemail - The voicemail feature answers calls after a certain amount of time and records the caller's message. Recorded messages can be sent by email as a .wav file, reviewed online or check your voicemail the old fashioned way by dialling in and entering your password.

  • Authorization to Reach Extension - Be sure that only important calls reach you! This feature ensures privacy by requesting the caller to provide a password of your choice in order to contact you.

  • Do Not Disturb - When don’t want to be disturbed. This feature can be enabled and disabled from with a dial code from your phone or login to the web interface and set the feature remotely.

  • Call Cascading - Make sure that you never miss a call. When enabled, the call tries as many other numbers or extensions if not answered within a specified amount of time.

  • Call Conferencing - Easily add other participants to a phone call by using the conference feature while in a phone call.

  • Ring All - When you receive a call, so do all the other numbers of extensions you have set. Voicemail if picked up by the original number.

Advanced Features

  • Fast Web Management Interface - The fast web interface provides a great usability experience for end-users. From the web interface, you may control of all of your organization’s extension devices, the automated response line, or any queues. From there, you can also set up time intervals, forwarding rules, control call flows of your DID and so much more.

  • User Groups - Taking collaboration a step further, you can create user groups for increased productivity. When proper permissions are granted, the members in a group are able to share their call history, voicemails or call recordings.

  • CallAPI - Call API interface allows MeloTel users to use HTTP requests that support calls initiations, call listing, call hang ups and provide support for further plug-ins developments. Also knows as `Click To Call`.

  • MeloSIP - This feature allows MeloTel users to be contacted from any http link. MeloTel users can publish a special link on their website or include it in their email signature. When someone clicks this link, the system can make the connection between him and the MeloTel user.

  • Advanced Call Routing and Fallback - The intelligent call route selection chooses the best telephony trunking provider, based on criteria such as time of call, destination, price, and availability. The system minimizes costs and increases availability.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) - Some companies are encouraging Bring Your Own Device model, even if they have strong security policies. We use the extension virtualization feature to help you benefit from the advantages brought on by faster adoption curve and better end-user experience.

  • Extension Virtualization - Any phone terminal extension provisioned in the voip panel can be virtualized. This means that your customers may use any device, but to their interlocutors it will seem they are using the same physical phone.

  • Cloud Calling - We made phone calls and related objects in the cloud just as accessible as any other cloud resources. Your customers will enjoy complete freedom: they can call from anywhere, at any time, using any device.

  • Virtual Office - Even when traveling, you won’t be needing much to stay connected. Smartphones, tablets, laptops with broadband Internet connection, or even trusty analogue phones can easily pick up conversations where they were left off.

  • Time Intervals - Optimize call costs by choosing the best route, according to the defined time intervals, and schedule events that ought to happen within a certain time-frame of the day. For example, you can enable automatic call redirect to any destination such as voicemail or mobile.

  • Remote Agents in Queues - Agents do not have to be in the office or connected directly to the system. They only need access to a phone. Once authenticated to the queue, they will start receiving calls from the queue.

  • Supervisors - Gain better control of how your call center works by viewing detailed reports or listening to active conversations. Queue supervisors can also whisper to agents. This feature proves particularly useful when training new agents or assisting them.

    • Monitor - Listen to both parties in the call un-detected. Tap into real-time conversations as they happen. Now management can easily keep track of call compliance while establishing powerful training tools. Gain deep insight into the techniques that fuel agent productivity.

    • Whisper - Subtly drop-in and coach agents on live calls at any stage of the sales process. Give supervisors the power to virtually “whisper” suggestions or jump into the conversation whenever a rep is in need of assistance. In the event an interaction requires supervisory intervention, quickly “barge-in” to immediately assist and resolve any pending issues your rep may be unable to fulfill, while still maintaining the overall customer experience.

  • Video Calling - Take full advantage of Unified Communications. When voice is simply not enough, your customers can make video calls using a soft phone on their PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet.

  • CRM Integration - Using the UnifiedAPI, you can integrate phone, fax, and instant messaging with CRM business applications in order to simplify management processes and increase productivity for your customers.

Cloud Services

  • WatchBuddy – This allows you to monitor the status of other users. Phones can be configured to display if your “Buddy” is on a call. The receptionist will know before transferring a call that the manager is on the phone.

  • FollowMe – Make your mobile phone, home phone and office phone ring at the same time when you’re called. The caller is connected which ever phone answers first.

  • Incoming Call Rules - The incoming call rules feature improves privacy, automates tasks, and increases your productivity. Filter incoming calls based on their CallerID and even the time of day, using rules that can perform a set of predefined actions, such as hang up and transfer the call somewhere else.

  • Faxing - This feature allows you to send and receive faxes without any problem even on poor quality connections.

  • Conference Cloud - Schedule multiple conferences. The Conference Cloud feature supports one-time and recurring conferences. Participants authenticate using special conference code.

  • Dedicated Voicemail Number – Use a special phone number the employees can call from a public number to check their voicemail messages. This feature is fast and affordable, yet centralized access to voicemail from public phones.

  • Music on Hold Management - The music on hold can be responsible for the customer's mood after several minutes of waiting on the phone. Music on hold play lists can be easily organized and customized using the management interface.

  • Intercom / Paging - The Intercom and Paging features are highly customizable, allowing an extension to broadcast messages to groups or to particular extensions. The phone system administrator of a company deploying MeloTel Professional can setup what extensions are allowed to use Intercom and Paging. Some features may require a paging device.

  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - Create complex automatic options for your callers to find the right options. This amazing feature can reduce costs or maybe even replace your secretary. Overall this feature will increase your customer satisfaction by reaching the right people first.

  • Call Queues – When you have a high call volume, MeloCloud can distribute them to agents using sophisticated algorithms. Used by sales office, customer service or support, call queues maximize your agents, improve customer satisfaction, and even guarantee SLA terms.

  • Call Queue Reports and Statistics - The detailed call queue reports and statistics are vital for call center monitoring. The performance indicators, including call report, answered / unanswered calls report, call distribution report, agent report, status report, help management optimize human resources and business processes.

  • Call Screening - Call screening features are particularly interesting for call centers that want to filter calls by destination. Banks, insurance companies, or even small companies can use call screening in order to comply with local regulations and to guarantee customer satisfaction.

  • Time Intervals Management - Choose what happens with your calls during specific times and days. This feature allows you to schedule events that must happen on a certain period of the day, for example, and automatically redirects to another number at night or if your office will be closed for an extended period of time.

  • Advanced Call Reporting – View detailed reports and statistics of all your calls online. This feature allows you to monitor how much each extension on your network costs you.

  • Calling Card Support – The MeloTel Calling Card give you the ability to give your employees the opportunity use your account to make calls while traveling.

Other Features

  • Instant Messaging - The server supports presence, virtual cards, file transfers, and collaboration.

  • Number Portability – Don`t give up your number. According to the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission you own it! Switch it easily to MeloTel and start saving.

  • API Integration Capabilities – If you have your own CRM. Management level features of MeloTel can be controlled from any remote application. Our API makes integration a breeze, your techs will love it!