How to Use Windows Snipping Tool

*Please see video attached for a step by step demonstration

What is it?

The program is call Snipping Tool. What it is used for is to grab a screen shot and mark up the screen shot to share with everyone.

Do I have to install it?
This program comes with any windows operating system, so no installation is required.

How to access the program
Pull up the start menu and start typing snipping, this will search through the programs and documents containing the word 'snipping'. The program will be retrieved as a best match.

What does this tool do?
This tool is useful if you want to copy content from a program or a website and share it with someone else.

How do I use the tool?
Once you have opened the Snipping Tool a small options bar will appear. Click on New and the screen will go grey, at this time you will select the surrounding area you would like to copy.

Once you have selected the area it will save the image to the Snipping Tool for a preview of what you have selected.

After this is done it is already now saved to your clipboard.

Open the method in which you would like to send the image via; Slack, Email or anywhere else you could paste an image to.

Simply press Ctrl V at the same time to paste the image from your clipboard.

The Snipped image will now appear.

How do I markup the image using this tool?
Once the image has been snipped and is displayed in the preview window of the snipping tool, select the pen option or the highlighter option and start marking up the preview image.