Setting Up Bria on iOS

If you are going to be setting up multiple extensions be sure to repeat steps 5 through 8


  1. Download Bria from the appstore (Purchase is customers cost)
  2. Open the application once it is downloaded
  3. For first tinme download "Select OK when prompted "Bria" would like to send you notifications"
    Type in your account name for reference purposes
    1. Select "VoIP (SIP) - Calling"
    1. Display As: Leave blank
    2. Username: your organization number followed by your short extension (XXXX*XXX)
    3. Password: your extension's password goes into this field
    4. domain:type into this field
  6. Select Enabled
  7. Under VOICE MAIL
    1. VM Number: type *95
  8. Select Save
  9. Select < Settings
  10. Select Preferences
  11. Under GENERAL
    1. Select Run in background
  12. Select <Settings to go back.
  13. Select Advanced Settings
  14. Select Mobile Audio Codecs
    1. Disable all except G711u and move to top.
  15. Select WiFi Audio Codecs
    1. Disable all except G711u and move to top.
  16. Select Phone in the bottom right corner

if you see A green icon to the left of your extension under Settings > Accounts then you should be able to start making calls.