MeloTel Customer Guide to Navigating Voicemail

You can access your voice mail while you are at, or away from your desk. While you're at your desk simply press the messages button on your provided phone or dial *95 to access your voice mail. Or in the case that you are away from your desk simply call your extension and press *when it picks up. The default password for your voice mail is 3333. Be sure to change it shortly after.


Most of this information is useless if you take advantage of our Voice Mail to Email. Instead of having to check your voice mail by dialing in. You can have your voice mail emailed as a .wav file to your email. Isn't that cool?

Start by dialing *95 - Below is the options menu and how to navigate through it.

1 - New messages

2 - Change folders (Voice mail Message Folders)

  • Press 0 for new messages
  • Press 1 for old messages
  • Press 2 for work messages
  • Press 3 for family messages
  • Press 4 for friends messages
  • Press # to cancel

0 - Mailbox Options (Greetings)

  1. Press 1 to record your unavailable message
  2. Press 2 to record your busy message
  3. Press 3 to record your name
  4. Press 4 for friends messages
  5. Press 5 to change your password

Navigation during message playback:

  1. Skip envelope (go directly to message)
    • While listening to the envelope information press 1 to skip directly to the message.
  2. Play Previous Message
    • To skip back to the previous message, press 4
  3. Replay current message
    • To replay the current message, press 5
  4. Skip to the next message
    • To skip to the next message, press 6.
  5. Delete current message
    • To delete the current message, press 7.
  6. Save current message
    • To save the current message in a different folder, press 9

To fast forward or rewind during playback

  • * will skip backward in the current message
  • # will skip forward in the current message


If you utilize any of our temporary greeting options, always remember to turn off your greeting when you return.