SIClytics SMS Broadcast Messeger Dashboard

Ideally used in Chrome

This guide for the SIClytics SMS panel is designed to assist you in "How to use" the system.




  • Start by selecting your "Identity" you wish to send on behalf of.
  • Select the desired "Broadcast List(s)" you want to broadcast to. To Select multiple "Broadcast Lists" holding the Ctrl key down and clicking on the Lists, high lighting them in blue ocne selected.
  • Write your message. Using the clickable merge field tags on the right hand side to customize every message to the individual recipient.
  • Click "Send" and your message will be sent.

Keep in mind!

Messages more than 160 characters will generate a separate "part 2" sms message at the same time. The maximum length of text message that you can send is 918 characters. However, if you send more than 160 characters then your message will be broken down in to chunks of 160 characters before being sent to the recipient’s handset. Your account will be charged for every chunk of 160 characters that you send. So a message of 420 characters will be sent and charged as three text messages.

Good to know!

Your "Sent Messages" are accessible under your "Messenger" for the individual contact under the correct "Identity"


  • You can filter your contacts by Name and Number.
  • Choose who to communicate with by clicking on their name.
  • You will be displayed the "Identities" of your organization. Select the identity you wish to communicate on behalf of.
  • Compose your message and press "Enter" or click "Send" Messages are close to real time, but may be delayed from appearing for you.
  • You can change who you are messaging, or from what identify anytime by selecting another name.

Contact Lists

  • Select from the "Lists" drop down the list you want to view, edit or delete.
  • Click "Edit" to modify any contact. Click "Save" when done, or "Cancel" to abort.
  • You can sort lists by clicking the column header.
  • You can "Add New+" contact to any list you are working in.
  • You can export your list in CSV format.
  • You can change the number of leads that appear on each page from 10, 25, 50 or All.

Import List

  • Your list to import should be formatted well and not have unnecessary columns or rogue fields.
  • When importing a list, if the List Name already exists. The imported contacts will be merged with the existing List.
  • Duplicate phone numbers are not allowed in the same list.
  • Numbers can be uploaded to multiple campaigns.
  • Add you "List Name".
  • Select your CSV file.
    • The first column of the CSV must be header "phonenumber" with only 10 digits. no dashes or spaces. (ie. 9055551234)
    • You may add additional columns, but keep in mind the names you choose will be important as the header field is used as the name for the merge field when composing messages.


This is for the customer to order telephone SMS numbers to their account
Select Search New DIDs and a list of available numbers will appear.
These are numbers available to you for sending and receiving SMS messages.
You must have a SMS number in order to use the Siclytics SMS Broadcast.
Each number is a new identity.

Known Bugs & Other Issues

  1. When composing the first message/reply to a contact in Messenger, it shows an incorrect message. A simple page refresh usually solves this problem.