Cloud Softphone Call Quality Troubleshooting

Experiencing Call Quality Issues with the Cloud Softphone Application?

  • For best results when using your Cloud Softphone App, you should be in a strong signal area. If you are using cellular data for your calls, your phone should be on 4G or LTE and not 3G. Try to have at least 3 bars of signal strength.

  • If you are using a WiFi network for calls, make sure that the signal strength is strong and you are located near a WiFi access point. Heavy Internet usage could affect call quality. Keep non-essential data use to a minimum. The heaviest users of data are gaming, video, and streaming apps. Other wifi sources can interfere with quality, even if you have a full signal (common in apartments and shopping centers). Try to move away from other wifi sources.

  • Speakerphone mode tends to pick up more ambient noises which can detract from call quality.

  • Use a good quality wired headset if possible; or if using a Bluetooth headset, ensure that the headset is fully charged and the phone is kept nearby.

  • Always make sure that your mobile device is using the latest version of the Cloud Softphone app as well as the latest version of the Operating System from its manufacturer. ie. IOS or Android.

  • Cloud Softphone works best on modern, supported hardware/software. Cell phones age quickly. Your cell phone should be 2 years old or less and from a respected manufacturer. If your device has many apps open or is starving for performance, it will certainly cause issues with call quality.

FCC Speed Test App:

The FCC Speed Test app is available for Android phones from Google Play and for iOS from the Apple App Store. The application will measure mobile broadband performance in five active categories: download speed, upload speed, latency, packet loss, and jitter. To better analyze wireless broadband performance, several other passive metrics are recorded, such as signal strength of the connection, and device manufacturer and model. The application tests run periodically in the background for android devices.

Audio Settings:

The Cloud Softphone app has several audio settings and an information screen that can help you diagnose and improve sound quality.

  • Within the app, go to Settings>Preferences>Sounds and enable echo cancellation and noise suppression options if your phone has them.

  • Adjust the playback and microphone boost levels if needed. Only make small changes at a time and test before making additional changes.

We have also found sometimes that re-setting the app and re-installing the extension can offer some improvement. If there are any users who would like to have their QR Code re-sent to them, please contact support to have your QR code re-sent.