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Hosted VoIP Platform

Current Version of VoIP Panel is 5.2.5 M5 (Pending update 5.5.0)

Updated: June 16th, 2020

BUG IDDescription of problemWorkaroundResolution?
HG-65965WatchBuddy and parking-lot displaying incorrect monitoring status. Appears to be cycling thru different statuses.There is no workaround at this time.Under investigation.
VNP-63047The platform sometimes adds the same voicemail record several times as posix (local) before adding it correctly as S3 Cloud and actually uploading the file to S3 Cloud. This can sometimes result in voicemails not being played properly when dialing *95 or playing thru the VoIP Dashboard.Voicemails are sent reliably when using Voicemail to Email.Planned fix in V6
KQA-866851Any outgoing calls initiated for an extension using the API which the call results with a 486/496 BUSY signal will drop the call instead of playing the slow Busy Signal audio. Affects calls initiated with MeloSIP, DaFeeder, Customer CRM Click2Call scripts, etc.The issue is only experienced on API initiated calls only. Busy sound can be heard if dialed directly. If a call is made using API and drops. Verify the call by dialing directly with your hard-phone keypad.Confirmed bug with our engineers. ETR unknown at this time.
HG-27846The queue does not transfer the call from agent-penalty-0 to the next available agent with penalty 1 and so on.
It only transfers the call when the agent manually rejects the call.
If agent-penalty-0 reject the call, the queue transfers the call to agent- penalty-1, and if that agent doesn’t answer the call, it gets transfer back to the first agent-penalty-0 instead of going to agent-penalty-2
If agent-penalty-0 don’t answer the call, the queue keeps retrying the user instead of transferring to the next agent-penalty-1
Set Ring an agent for a maximum of: 90 seconds
This will cause the penalties to work correct, after 30 seconds, it should transfer to the next penalty agent.
Confirmed bug with our engineers. ETR unknown at this time.
CKS-442507Queue Reports failing to show accurate call data. Calls are missing from reporting.Use call Reports instead of Queue Reports.Under investigation.

Shared Hosting Platform

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BUG IDDescription of problemWorkaroundResolution?
unconfirmedWhen viewing active calls in Monitor Panel if the call reaches a voicemail, the call remains active even after the call hangs up. Approximately 60 seconds.Wait 60 seconds for call to disappear. This does not affect any new calls from appearing.Not yet.
confirmedCalls made thru API resulting as No Answer, Busy, Failed, Not Allowed do not appear in SIClytics call reports.Please refer to VoIP Panel for accurate results for calls that did not connect using the API.Investigating resolution.


  • No bugs to report at this time.