Error Message "DHCP Failed" in Polycom Desk Phones

The phone displays one of the following errors:

  • Network Is Down

  • Network Link is Down

  • DHCP Failed

Phone gets stuck at Initialization phase or experiences boot failures.

Affected Environments
Polycom desk phones


  • A DHCP failure has occurred on the network.

  • The phone's LAN port has failed.

  • The DHCP server is providing IPv6 addresses.


  1. Verify the cabling is plugged into the correct ports.

  2. Replace potential faulty cabling.

  3. Power cycle the effected phone(s).

  4. Perform a network power cycle including switches, routers and phones.

  5. Bypass the wall port or switch and connect directly to the router to isolate potential hardware issues.

  6. Set a static IP on the phone.

  7. Ensure the router is giving out IPv4 addresses via DHCP.

  8. If the issue persists and is only occurring on a single phone, factory reset and re-provision the phone.


  • If you are at a rented office location, the local IT group will likely need to be contacted to white list the phone's MAC address on the switch.

  • Polycom phones are not compatible with IPv6 addressing.